On 7th May 2019, 18 members of the Association of Greek Sommeliers had the chance to attend a very intense masterclass based on Rum!

Kanavetas Panayiotis from Sky Spirits Company presented this special spirit. From the cultivation of the famous sugar cane,
the fermentation, the distillation and the ageing! Nowadays most of the producers use molasses to make rum and when they
age it they mostly use American oak and sherry oak for finish. The best thing in our profession is the tasting and we are grateful
that Panos made a choice of different types of rum! White,aged,navy and…vintage! The surprise came when he gave us
chocolate to pair them! An excellent combination, one with dark chocolate and prune and one with salt and pepper matched
perfectly with the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva!!
Final chapter of this masterclass included a demonstration on how to make cocktails based on rum!