Greek Bottarga ‘Trikalinos” 12th November 2019

One more event exclusively for the Geek Sommeliers Association by the Greek Bottarga “Trikalinos”


20 members of the Greek Sommeliers Association attended today a unique masterclass dedicated to the Bottarga (as mostly called in all over the world or Karasumi in Japan)
We had the chance to follow the entire production process and understand why this “avgotaracho” that means Bottarga in Greek is celebrated as the best in the world. The raw material and the specific treatment during production process make this Bottarga unique !!!
-Wild grey mullet roes are used (not farmed)
-standardized production techniques properly balance the salting and drying processes to deliver higher moisture and lower sodium in the final product (salinity levels lower than 1%)
-the final grey mullet Bottarga is coated by natural beeswax for preservation reasons
-No preservatives are added in the entire process
-on this way the final product maintains its original nutritional value which is extremely high !!!
-according to a research conducted by Charokopeion University of Athens has been proved that Trikalinos Bottarga contains:
Vitamins A, B12, C
Ω3 fatty acids
Furthermore it has been proved by medical researches that Trikalinos Avgotaracho is not only a delicious product but also a very healthy one that may act as a protective shield against cardiovascular diseases and thrombosis.

The Gastronomic consultant of Trikalinos Co mrs Lila Kourti navigated us to the heart of this unique product. Trikalinos Bottarga has a very balanced but yet delicate and pleasant taste with an extremely long and complex finish. She also very successfully prepared
for us some Bottarga combinations to match them with various beverages :
Bottarga with jamón / Pinot Gris 2016 Leon Beyer
Bottarga with white chocolate & apricot-roasted almond/ Champagne Bereche & Fils Brut
Bottarga with citrus / Inedit beer by Feran Andria
Bottarga in rolls with cucumber and chives / Tsipouro Agioneri-Tsililis (Greek pomace spirit)
Bottarga with sweet potatoes / Elit Ultra Premium Vodka by Stolichnaya
Bottarga with beetroot and green apple/ Vodka Chase smoked (potato based)
Bottarga with caramelized pineapple and foie gras / Bruichladdich Port Charlotte single malt scotch whisky

We warmly thank the companies: Deals SA and W.S Karoulias SA for all relevant beverages that had been sponsored by them today specifically for this event !!!

Trikalinos Bottarga is made only from grey mullet roes since 1856 and today it is very well known brand in more than 20 countries !! Is that brand that Feran Adria included in his book as one of the 30 Best and most Valuable nourishments in the world.

We especially thank Zafeiris Trikalinos, Lila Kourti and their colleagues for their extended and detailed presentation but most of all for their caring but yet as always extremely friendly hospitality!!!