Wine & Cheese pairing

The Greek Sommelier Association in collaboration with Provence Cheese Specialist, organized a special masterclass “Wine & Cheese Pairing”.


There were 4 flights where 9 different cheeses were tasted and combined with 10 wines and 2 beers blind.




Aris Sklavenitis, the best Greek Sommelier for 2019, guided with passion 14 Sommeliers and 1 journalist through this amazing, tasty trip to discover the best ‘wine and cheese pairing’ based on elements like flavor, intensity, sweetness, acidity, body, tannins, aftertaste.




We would like to thank George Kyriakopoulos & Provence Deli for his support.



The wines and beers were tastes thanks to our sponsors and specifically to: Aioloswines, Deals, Jeroboam, Greek Cellars, Karoulias, Oenocosmos, Vivlia Chora.



The results of this blind pairing will be soon announced as all tasters rated every combination.


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